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“Hootie” is back!

Hello Kinderglo Friends, our Owl is back! She is now as tall and as cute as all other characters. See her in our store. Soon to follow in our other outlets.

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Elephant is back in stock in our store

We have received limited quantities of the Elephant and are happy to have him back. To buy, go to our products page

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Secret Santa Event

We have come to personally realize just how many families are struggling to make ends meet or who are in need of some holiday cheer–kids with cancer, people who have lost their jobs, etc.
One of our early and continuing support blogs is doing something to help.
We at KinderGlo are happy to help support them in spreading a little cheer.

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Bronti and Bear are back in stock

We are happy to let all know that we have our Bronti and Bear available on our store again. The demand has been high and we are happy to have them back.

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The KinderGlo is Perfect for My Autistic Child!, September 20, 2010

Reaching out to share a delightful review from Amazon customer
5.0 out of 5 stars
The KinderGlo is Perfect for My Autistic Child!, September 20, 2010
By A.M. “A.M.” (Tennessee)

This review is from: KinderGlo Quarter Moon Portable Fun & Safe Night Light (Baby Product)

Our KinderGlo Quarter Moon nightlight has been terrific for my 5 year old Autistic child. She loves the gently moving lights and being able to trace the raised stars. I love that it is safe for her and there is no music to stimulate her at bedtime. I have used it on long car rides, when she is stressed at doctor’s appointments, or if she gets overstimulated during the day and needs something to help her self regulate. We also added it to her Sensory Diet when she was sick last summer and started to stim in a way that was injuring herself. It’s so easy to use that she can go get it herself if she needs it. I would recommend it for any child with Sensory Processing issues or who needs help to calm down or relax.

See original page at http://amzn.to/byNrGP along with other reviews.

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Hip Tips 4 U started a review and giveaway today!

Good luck with
winning a Quarter Moon and thank you for a great review again!

I think the KinderGlo night light is a cool product.

Hip Tips 4 U

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Centsible Mommy has posted a review and will give away 3 KinderGlo Quarter Moons

Introducing Quarter Moon, the adorable little “Man in the Moon”
nightlight from KinderGlo.com.
I’m happy to say that the T-Rex and Brontosaurus lights we were sent in November of last year are still intact and used nightly.

Centsible Mommy


Review and Giveaway just posted on “Born 2 impress”

.. The KinderGlo night lights are just adorable, but that is just an extra reason why this night light is such a great product…

Check it out!


Thank you for a great review! One Kinderglo character of your choice will be given away

KinderGlo nightlights are unlike anything I’ve seen before! The LED light creates a soft light throughout the room, perfect for little ones to see, without being so bright that it’ll keep them awake.

Design Baby

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Kinderglo received best vendor feedback. (5 stars) rating on Amazon since April 23-straight-!

We are very proud of our products and very excited about the great vendor feedback we received on Amazon. This is truly wonderful, thank you all very much for responding to the Amazon vendor review and for giving us the highest score.

click here to see the Blue Moon Lites
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