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KinderGlo Giant Teddy Bear Lamp


KinderGlo Giant Teddy Bear Lamp 301223

KinderGlo Giant Teddy Bear Lamp

Our Giant Teddy Bear Lamp is the perfect addition to your bedroom, playroom, or living area. This 18" bear can be used with the adapter or unplugged for about 6 hours of battery-powered glow for those excursions to the playroom, tent, patio or anywhere light and fun are needed.

The Giant Teddy Bear lamp comes with a remote control that allows you to choose your perfect light color and brightness! With the push of a button, choose from red, green, blue, and white lights or any mix you can dream up. If you simply can't choose, don't worry; the lamp has a color cycling mode too!

Safe, cool, long lasting LED technology with low voltage supply.

  • Dimensions: 18" x 14" x 11"
  • Includes wall transformer with 6' cable and remote control
  • Used with wall adapter or for up to 6 hours with rechargeable battery

- Maryland Momma’s Rambles and Reviews

“I was amazed the first time I saw a Kinder Glo night light. They are different than any other night light you find on the market. And kids love them! For that matter, so do adults! We have had so many people see the kids with them, and they ask where we got them from!”

- Hope’s Cafe
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