Fun Games To Play With Children 4-6 Years Old

When you have children, you must give them love, education, and attention. It is difficult for some parents to give all this to their children, but in fact, it is much easier than you think. Children are in the most curious stage. Therefore, this is the time when parents need to teach their children in a fun and playful way. In addition to toys, young children can have fun and learn through inexpensive children’s games. These games are guaranteed to be educational in nature, but the approach is to keep children in check. Read and familiarize yourself with some of fun games to play with children.

1. Nature bracelets

You can start exploring and appreciating the nature of the child with this game to make a nature bracelet with masking tape. They will notice all the wonderful variations in color and shape that exist in the petals and leaves and decorate their wrists with beauty.


Wrap a piece of masking tape around your child’s wrist with the adhesive side up, and then go looking for beautiful leaves, beautiful flower petals and other interesting things that can be attached to the bracelet.

Before going to bed, take out the bracelet and fix it next to the bed or somewhere in sight, so you can admire its work and remember the time of fun.

2. Ring of string

In this game, children are invited to carefully look at the place and see everything that can be seen. It is very nice to watch the tiny natural wonders in our backyard.


Make a small circle on the ground with a row. Look carefully at the enclosed space with your child and note what is growing there. Pull the grass or blade of grass and see how the roots look. Is there a seed in the area? What is inside?

Throw a hole and see if there are insects around. What are they? What are you doing? Use a magnifying glass or a jug of water in it and look carefully at different things.

Collect small items to study and collect, such as pine nuts, acorns, petals, seeds, bark, leaves, and fairly large pebbles.

3. The knocking game

Listening and identifying the various sounds that objects make when you knock on them is a game that you can play at any time. When you want to change focus on struggling children, try saying, “Hey, let’s play a game. Close your eyes and see if you can tell what I’m fighting for. Do not look. “


Ask the player to close their eyes and turn them towards themselves. Then see if he can guess the object that you hit (or with a spoon). Start with lighter things like a table and a window, and work on sounds that are more difficult to identify, such as tapping a book or lamp.

Return is an identifier and a hammer.

4. Toothpicks Art

There are many ways to teach your hands to be more elegant. This is one of them that you can play together.MATERIALS: Toothpicks, simple or colored


Make an abstract design by placing toothpicks on a table or floor, and each player will add his own toothpick to the design. The first player puts a toothpick. The next player adds only the angle that he likes. Then the next person adds them to his design and so on until an interesting design is formed.

Instead of abstract design, you can create a specific scene. For example, make a house with a picket fence and trees.

You need to focus to choose a toothpick and choose the best place to place it. Carefully place each toothpick and try not to play in the design, which contributes to the awareness of hand movements.

It also develops claw pressing, the small muscles that control the index finger and thumb.

5. ABC Zoo

This game learns the ABC song, as the letters of the alphabet show. Helps to develop recognition of letters and sounds. He also studies the recognition of words, syllables, and parts of words.

6. Animal sounds

This is a fun game in which young children can match different animals with corresponding animal sounds. Clearly teach young children to recognize different animals.

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