How To Know When Your Child Is Ready To Start School

Child growth is different from one child to another. Therefore as parents, it is essential to know when your child is ready for school. Please do not force them simply because their peers are ready for school. Instead, you need to know what to checkout for before taking your child to school. Below are four signs that your child is ready for kindergarten.

They can spend time alone

Kids suffer from separation anxiety more so when it is their first time to stay away from their parents. Therefore, when your child can spend some time away from you, it will be easier for them to adapt to the school environment. If you have never left your child alone, you should start by taking them to a family member or let them stay with a babysitter. If they can stay with someone else in your absence without too much anxiety, then they are ready for school.

They can use the potty correctly

It is a requirement by many preschools that your child be able to use a potty correctly. This requirement ensures that your child has an enjoyable time at school and also avoid unnecessary embarrassments from peeing on their pants. Therefore, before you think of school, ensure that your child is potty trained.

Long concentration

When it comes to preschool activities, the child should be able to concentrate longer on some tasks. Some preschool activities are generally 15 to 20 minutes long. To avoid problems, you should ensure that your child can concentrate for that long before taking them to school. You can train them at home with simple tasks and see if they can focus. For example, ask them to rearrange their toys or patterns and note if they can concentrate for at least 15 minutes.

Interaction skills

When in school, there will be lots of interaction with other kids. Therefore, you have to ensure that your child is ready to interact with other children. If your child has interaction problems, then he/she will have a rough day at school, and will not enjoy the school experience. An excellent way to improve your child’s interaction skills is to ensure he/she socializes with other kids in the neighborhood from an early age. This way, children learn to live with others hence good interaction. Once the child has developed interaction skills, he/she is ready for school.


Taking your child to school for the first time is an exciting process, and every parent looks forward to this. The child will learn many skills, games, and improve on their language. It is a rewarding experience for the kids, as well. However, as a parent, you need not rush the process. This is because children are not the same when it comes to growth and brain development. Take time with your child as much as possible and prepare them for school. If you take them before they show some signs that they can survive at school alone, they will end up hating going to school, which can result in some psychological problems in the future. Let the process be natural and be patient with your child.

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