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KinderGlo® Quarter Moon

KinderGlo is basically out of business due to our supplier's inability to ship a quality product at a reasonable price.

KinderGlo® Quarter Moon

We have endured price increses to the point of no profit in hopes to see quality increases. We have had to reject all recent shipments due to unacceptable quality.

KinderGlo® Quarter Moon

We have only a few items left in our store and warehouse. We will make every effort to supply replacement parts as we can but as far as character choice, we can only ship what we have and what has been tested.

KinderGlo® Quarter Moon

We are exploring alternate sources or manufacturing ourselves. We cannot promise anything at the moment.

Families Fall in Love with KinderGlo® Night Lights Because They Are

  • Portable and Rechargeable

    Lamps last for up to 10 hours of continuous light, so kids can keep their friends in bed with them all night. They are also perfect for nighttime trips to the bathroom or for parents to peek in on little sleepers.

  • Fun and Easy to Use

    Choose from our selection of playful characters, and watch your little one’s face light up as bright as the KinderGlo when they realize that this is a lamp they can use all by themselves.

  • Safe

    Cool LED lights and that are never hot to the touch and safe, non-toxic materials mean that kids can cuddle with their friends and parents never need to worry.

  • Support and Service

    Rave reviews for support and service. We are just an email away.